"This was the most beautiful gift I have ever received

in all my life."

- Anna, 45, wife

and mother of two

-Victoria, 16


"The thing I love most about Rebeca's company is the fact that it doesn't  matter how young or old you are she will make everyone feel amazing."

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"Oh WOW! So that's how people see me!?"

Nelle Cooper, 73

Author & Storyteller




A Photoshoot with me begins with a phone call or email. I will explain everything over the phone as well as ask for your email to send you my Magazine. The Magazine visually explains the entire process, my Collections and Investment and is fully illustrated with my portfolio. Contact Me

The next step is to schedule a full Consultation at your home or at the studio so I can give you tips on how to prepare for your photoshoot and hear all about how you dream of being photographed! This is where we will take a look at the Products, talk about Hair, Makeup & Wardrobe and fully style your photoshoot.



I am blessed to work with only the BEST hair and makeup artists.  Haley (the platinum fairy pictured below) is my main girl and will probably be the one dolling you up as naturally or as glamorously as you wish!


While I am busy setting up some fancy lights, you will be chatting it up with Haley as she asks you about skin sensitivities or allergies, if you want false lashes or no, your zodiac sign and everything in between. 


Honesty is REQUIRED, we want you to tell us if you want something changed because we want you to absolutely LOVE everything about your makeup when you look back at the portraits we create. So if the eyeliner needs to be softened a bit, TELL US, we are not easily offended. ;)



The Photoshoot can be enjoyed by yourself or with your Mother, Sister, Best Friend(s) or Partner! I believe that "photogenic" is the level of comfortable you are in front of the camera. It is my job to guide you into the most flattering poses and draw out of you that beautiful connection in the eyes that you can see in all of my work. 

None of my clients have been models. (Some have started modeling after a photo shoot with me.) I specialize in creating editorial style portraits of real people.



The Reveal is scheduled about 3 weeks after the Photoshoot. This is where you will see all 20-30 of your finished images printed and mounted on my wall for the first time!


I feel like I say that every part is my favorite part, but this step in the journey is SURREAL. My promise to you at he the Consultation is that I will show you the best portrait ever taken of yourself and after we work together to create the look of your dreams and it all comes together at the Reveal, it's like MAGIC every time!


Women's breathless reactions to seeing themselves are always priceless! The Reveal is where you will go through and select your favorite images and the Product you love. You have the option of taking it home the same day or creating a payment plan to pick them up at a later date. 

Olá! My name is Rebeca. I am originally from Brazil and I am a portrait photographer in the metro Detroit area. I learned everything I know from my father, a brilliant wedding and portrait photographer. I started as his assistant when I was 12, not knowing that this would one day soon become my dream career and life purpose!

I am obsessed with watching the transformation that people go through in front of my lens. I see women of all ages and shapes go from camera shy to the gorgeous and confident women that they truly are right before my eyes. It is a remarkable process and I LOVE it.


 People always tell me, "Oh but I am not photogenic." Photogenic is equal to how comfortable you are in front of the camera. It's is my job to make you comfortable, tell you what to do with your hands and shape your body into flattering poses. I have created a safe space for you to let go of your insecurities and feel what it's like to love yourself for a full day.


I want to give you an unforgettable celebrity experience and create magazine-style, timeless portraits that will be cherished by your children and grandchildren all while helping you change the way you see yourself.

Allow my team and I to spoil you  for a day, call me to plan the photo shoot of your dreams!

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did i tell you?

I have a Magazine! I would love to chat with you and send you a copy of my Magazine that visually explains everything about a photo shoot experience with me.

Let's talk about how you dream of

being photographed!